The change it self – Lucid Lynx

Hey guys! hope you have already installed “Lucid Lynx” or as we all know it ubuntu 10.04. I installed Lucid few hours back, and it is definitely a change. I installed it by creating Startup Disk, it was an exciting idea for me, because I tried it out for the first time. The installation was really impressive, it took me less than 10mins (it was that fast) and I’m proud to say, from today onwards I’m totally “opensourced” (at least the operating system) and also I might install windows on virtual box in time to come (if I want it).

What I like about Lucid:
– E220 Huawei dongle works like a charm (it was not like this when I was using Karmic)
– The UI design is way cooler than the earlier editions and the window controls on the right hand side of the window border gives it a more sleek look.
– Ubuntu software center is renewed with more features.
– Gnome-terminal looks purple
– And finally the menu items are improved and more user friendly.


Software Center
software center

What I don’t like about Lucid:
– The indicator applet takes too much space (the space between icons are too much when comparing to the icon sizes).
– Bluetooth with phoenix bios still suck till you install omnibook module (check my post on Phoenix bios and bluetooth)

I hope the indicator applet problem will get solved soon its not that much of a big issue.

Lucid Lynx really shows that change can happen, because its that good, and when you use it you’ll realize its fast(i.e. installation, boot-up and response time).
Now I’m gonna tell you about few things you have to do after installing Lucid(there are many blog posts about that but here I’m gonna tell you what I did so far)

1. Change font sizes, the default font size is 10 but I changed it to 9.

font sizes

2. Remove the panel on the bottom and install Docky
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install docky

then add more docklets change settings to make it look like what I did or as you prefer,


3. Lucid comes with Empathy as the default chat client it was the same with Karmic too but I like pidgin so I installed pidgin sudo apt-get install pidgin if you want to change the smiley theme to those smilies in yahoo messenger or MSN messenger download the file in this LINK extract it on ~/.purple/smileys then go to Preferences -> Themes -> Smiley Theme and select original – M@her and that will do the trick.


4. When it comes to twitter I use Choqok as in my previous post so to install choqok, sudo apt-get install choqok but in default Gwibber comes with Lucid.

5. I installed chrome too by downloading and installing the .deb file

Those are the major changes I did after installing Lucid Lynx.

If you are new to Linux then the best OS to use is ubuntu and also if you are new to computing then again the best OS is ubuntu that is what I recommend.

bye for now download, install and experience the change !!!!!!!

~~ Rusiru Boteju ~~


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A peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, computers, technology, etc.

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  1. Joan Smith says:

    Thanks for writing this it was note for a paper I am currently writing for my thesis. Thanks

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