Fixing a broken pendrive

Hey guys, after the installation of Lucid had to install all the softwares from the beginning. It was a time consuming task, but I kinda like the idea of apt line commands of installation so I did all the installations without going to synaptic package manager. Thats what happened so far, today I’m gonna talk about what happened to me yesterday and how I fixed it.
This is the story from the beginning;
I was copying some image files to my pen drive, (its a Kingston DataTraveler 2Gb) suddenly it got ummounted during the copying process. Then when I plugged it back it didn’t work. When I do a lsusb it shows the pen drive but for sudo fdisk -l it says there is no partition table. I was so upset, and since then I was searching the web and looking for a solution. There were certain suggestions for Linux those are testdisk, gparted etc but nothing worked the worst part was it was write protected too. 😦 gparted didn’t even recognize the pen drive. I thought it was the end, even in certain ubuntu forums some users said its the end of the pen drive. I never gave up, i just kept searching, while doing that I plugged the pen to windows xp machine the same problem occurs the pen drive is available but can’t format it cos of the write protection. Then I found this article, about how to remove write protection on pen drives, but in windows that didn’t work too, but I kept on reading the comments of that article on one of those comments I found this COMMENT and that particular comment saved my life.
This is what you have to do, first download the software from this Link. Then unplug all the other usb devices except the one you need to recover or the one you want to fix. Extract the file and double click on the .exe file (ah btw you have to do this in a machine with windows xp). The software will automatically format your pen drive with fat16 file system (Format it again with ntfs or fat32 if you want).
And finally the pen drive is recovered 🙂 you are over joyed 😀
Hope this was helpful!
bye for now
Good Luck!!

~~ Rusiru Boteju ~~


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  2. When I view your RSS feed it gives me a bunch of weird text, is the malfunction on my end?

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