Academic reference management with Mendeley

Hey guys this is a really quick post. I hope this will help everyone who are doing Literature surveys and who are researching. This has some reference with the post Getting started with Latex. In the above post I was talking about how to work with Latex and about some Latex editors I’m using (my favourite is Texmaker!).
When we work with research papers sometimes its different to manage those. What I meant by managing is, creating bibliography or .bib files, downloading sorted papers, highlighting, synchronizing with the current folders, taking snapshots of Internet, Google Scholar Search, MS Word plugins, etc. Mandeley does all of that and there are many more features 🙂
Now how to install;

Step 1: Add the repository
Add the APT line to the bottom of the file /etc/apt/sources.list. Please note the trailing slash.
Hardy/8.04: deb /
Intrepid/8.10: deb /
Jaunty/9.04: deb /
Karmic/9.10: deb /
Lucid/10.04: deb /
Maverick/10.10: deb /

Step 2: Install using apt-get
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mendeleydesktop

Note this is just for Linux but Mandeley is also available for Mac and Windows.

Here are some screen shots;


Mandeley desktop

Hope this is helpful
Have fun 😀


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  1. Peumali says:

    Thank! 🙂

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