Is ubuntu reaching the end of it?

I started my life of Linux with Mandriva, it made me realize Linux is better than windows and I felt like I know something about operating systems by that time Ubuntu was there but it looked bulky and I hated that shade of brown color and its large icons. As the time goes by I got to know about LinuxMint which I loved (by the way I never sticked to Mandriva because it didn’t support my Huawei E220 which is my primary source of Internet connectivity) and I started to use LinuxMint as my primary OS I still had windows by the side because I didn’t like the presentation templates in open office, Mint supported my Huawei E220 that was the main reason for my transition. Mint was bas ed on Ubuntu after few release cycles I thought of moving to Ubuntu because it’s the same as Mint and the UI started to look better, and among other reasons the Mint made Ubuntu less stable so basically Mint is less stable than Ubuntu.

The transition took with Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and my OS world was perfect!! free software all the time, just an apt-get to install those and the Ubuntu software center made some promises with nice descriptions. From there onwards the OS became better and better and better. Nice UIs, faster booting times, new logos, nicer user friendly installation guides and Ubuntu made the perfect OS for the open-source community and most of all its became the best OS for the newbies in Linux.

Lets talk about Linux for a bit, Since the beginning of GNU project it was all about freedom. Men and women who were involved in Linux always talked about freedom free software, freedom to distribute freedom of use and Linus Torvalds helped Richard Stallman with his philosophical idea of free software and the Linux community always withstand any dictatorship they always challenged the monopolies. That lead to success of this community.

Now new ubuntu comes with Unity, for what I have experienced its still in the development phase and its still not desktop worthy, but it seems like Mark Shuttleworth thinks its desktop worthy. Its a crappy desktop environment where you cannot change the position of the launcher and the reason for that is the launcher should match with the ubuntu logo which is in the top left hand corner. As the latest reports says there wont be an ubuntu logo after all it will be just a blue triangle, but still they are arguing about it lets just hope for the best.

Change is good it makes people think differently and act differently but those changes should not make people slaves. Ubuntu says; the Gnome support will still be there for another few releases and then after that Gnome no more. That will make the Ubuntu transition for a newbie difficult, the user friendly OS will not be that user friendly. I highly appreciate the work the Ubuntu developers put behind to build such a wonderful OS but I have this big question


This is just a thought!
What do you think about? Leave a comment!



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3 Responses to Is ubuntu reaching the end of it?

  1. DilanRF says:

    No ubuntu logo , 😦

  2. thameera says:

    I’m yet to get my hands on Unity but it looks good to me in the pics. Not everyone would like Unity but what matters is what most of them have to say. And a lot of people are throwing rotten tomatoes at Unity it seems. 😀
    At least Unity is still optional even though it’s the default.

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